MDP CarService is…

The MDP CarService has a fleet composed of different types of Mercedes Benz with full optional equipment to give customers more comfort and safety.

Our vehicles make use of an insurance policy with a limit greater than the minimum set by current regulations.

All this is contained in one word:

“Let me drive you”

Mercedes Benz E Class until 3/4 passengers

The E-Class has always expressed self-awareness, rigor, respect and determination.

The new E-Class Evolution, these values are even more evident.

The sedan is distinguished by its strong personality and discreet elegance unmistakable .

Mercedes Benz S Class - Until 3/4 Passengers

The S-Class is the prestige pure state, with its high quality materials and attractive design.

Its exclusivity is also emphasized the use of new systems of safety and comfort.

Mercedes V Class- until 7 Passengers

With the Mercedes Benz V Class, go out for work and for fun is a real pleasure.

Wide range of versions, exemplary versatility and enough space for 8 people including the driver.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter - Until 8 passengers

The new Sprinter has the unmistakable Mercedes – Benz and a series of innovations both aesthetic and functional.

Innovations which further raised the roof and opening doors completely automatic.

Safer, more spacious, more comfortable, more powerful .

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